Meet Our New PTK Members!

July 4, 2016

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The Alpha Epsilon Nu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa inducted Thirty-five new members during the induction ceremony on October 25, 2015.   The chapter would like to recognize these new inductees and welcome them to our honor society group, they are as follows:  Colin Atchison, Joanna Atwell, Brittney Borden, Kristie Broadus, Janae Brown, Karl Brown, Brittany Burke, Kristen Byrd, Alison Casteix, Cecilia Chapman, Hannah Courington, Brenda Defelice, Hannah Dunn, Melike Engin, John Garcia, Latasha Johnson, Dara Jones, James Land, Mallorie Lee, Charles McCall, Rachel Mayberry, Haley Mindler, Joshua Mizell, Seth Muench, George Munday, Devin Murphy, Shelia Osborne, Devenna Patterson, Amanda Perryman, Tyra Pruitt, Untereaus Reeder, Shahimn Ruan, Deirdre Williams-Singletary, Gregory Stanford, Joshua Verde.


October 30 Meeting

October 30, 2013

At today’s meeting, President Rebecca Hamlin discussed:

1. Meet the Greeks
   -November 1, Friday from 10am-1pm on the first floor of the Delchamps Building. Anyone who is available can attend and come check out the colleges that will be present.
2. Belk Charity Sale
   -If you haven’t gotten your charity sale tickets, come see Dr. Perry so you can sell them. All tickets must be sold by Friday, Nov. 8. Turn your money in to the Bursar’s office on the first floor of the Delchamps Building. Tell them that it is for the Belk Charity Sale for PTK. Keep a copy of the receipt for yourself and turn in another copy to Dr. Perry.
The Charity Sale will be at the Belk Store at the Bel-Air Mall. It will be from 5:30am-until 10am, however it may last longer. Volunteers are needed!
3. Officers
   -Anyone interested in being an officer for the Fall of 2014 will begin training with the current officers on January 2014. Officer positions are scholarship opportunities.
Thank you to all of those who attended the meeting. Keep checking your e-mails for further updates and meeting schedules!

Dinner with Ms. Jennifer Blalock

October 23, 2013


On October 7th, to help kick-start CollegeFish month, Jennifer Blalock, who is the Chief Student Support Officer at CollegeFish, dined with the chapter and Bishop State Community College President, Dr. James Lowe. It was a treat! The group had  a lovely bayside dinner at Felix’s Fish Camp. Ms. Blalock listened to the some of the members’, mentees’, and officers’ future endeavors as well as plans for the month of October that is set aside for CollegeFish. The following day, the chapter even made a small cameo in a webinar making a world wide web debut of their chant, “We’re Alpha Epsilon Nu.”

October 8th and 15th Honors-in-Action Meetings

October 23, 2013

The October 8th and 15th meetings of the AEN chapter consisted of further discussion and scrutiny of research and documentation for Honors-in- Action. The chapter was able to settle on the final research and now proceeds to answering questions regarding the processes and participation involved in the research and action. Further qualitative and quantitative data will be provided.

Revised Calendar of Events

October 4, 2013

Revised Calendar of Events

150 New Profiles!

September 24, 2013

Today, Dr. Victoria Perry along with PTK Mentees, helped a total of 150 students create CollegeFish profiles. They are on their way to finding the right college along with great scholarship opportunities. If you have any questions, send an e-mail to

September 24, 2013 Meeting: Honors in Action

September 24, 2013

Today, September 24th, the chapter made progress on the Honors-in-Action project. The members devoted an entire meeting going through the HiA rubric, determining how and where the chapter stands. President Rebecca Hamlin and Vice President of Scholarship Karen MacDonald “dissected” the team’s current research for further revision and improvement. The team discussed expert investigations and sources, as well. Based on collaborative findings, they concluded that the answer to this year’s question (“How do we compete when we play?”) is self-motivation. The chapter will meet on the same time and same place next week to ensure everyone is on the same page with research.